Presentation Day 2016

On behalf of the Committee we would like to thank you all for coming and celebrating our 2016 Presentation on Sunday 23 October. 

What a day it was…..I think the Opening Act certainly set the mood!

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated Raffle Prizes
Thank you to our MC Andrew Kyriacou
Thank you to our Managers and Volunteers
Thank you to Chris Kelly Photographer
Thank you to our Sponsors 
– Bocelli Caffe Ristorante
– Stephen Woodcock Financial & Taxation Services 
– Raine & Horne North East
– Tint A Car – Clovelly Park & Holden Hill 
– Oracle Lending Solutions 
– Alma Hotel 

CONGRATULATIONS to our Teams and Coaching Staff:

PS4 WNPL Champions 
PS4 WNPL Premiers
PS4 WNPL Reserves Champions
PS4 WNPL Reserves Premiers
WNPL Reserves Cup Winners 

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Players and Individual Award Winners:

U13 Most Improved – Adama Timbo
U13 Coaches Award – Jade Jones

U13 Best & Fairest – Breannah Harmer, Danielle Harmer and Olivia Tripodi

U15 Most Improved – Ashlyn Ross
U15 Coaches Award – Jade Mason

U15 Best & Fairest – Michaela Hadaj

U17 Most Improved – Elsy Wameyo
U17 Coaches Award – Jasmine McDonald

U17 Best & Fairest – Chantel Ross

Division 3 Most Improved – Alyssa Lalor
Division 3 Coaches Award – Afisa Cyuzuzo 

Division 3 Best & Fairest – Chelsea Simpson 

Division 1 Most Improved – Adele Gambardella 
Division 1 Coaches Award – Nancy Belperio

Division 1 Best & Fairest – Zoe Stojakovic

WNPL Reserves Most Improved – Sophie Fleming 
WNPL Reserves Coaches Award – Casey Tripodi-Elliott

WNPL Reserves Best & Fairest – Jessica Walkden

WNPL Players Player – Laura Stockdale 
WNPL Coaches Award – Ebony Weidenbach

WNPL Best & Fairest – Laura Stockdale 

Rising Star Award – Jade Mason 

Club Person of the Year – Zoe Hammond
Life Membership – Ebony Kyriacou
Life Membership – Selina Papalia
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