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Player Profile: Lauren Steer

MUWFC Senior Debut: 2013

Q. What attracted you to playing football? I used to watch my brother play when we were younger and always wanted to join in. Football just instantly looked like a fun, competitive game to play.

Q. What brought you to MUWFC? Enzo (Vincenzo Salzano, MUWFC Director of Football) actually brought me to this club. He used his scouting skills back in the day where he saw me playing at STIC (State Talent Identification Competition) and basically said come to trials see how you like it and the rest is history.

Q. How long have you been at MUWFC? I started at MUWFC in 2013 so that makes this year my 5th year.

Q. How many years have you played football for, and for what clubs? I started playing football when I was 7 and joined my first club in Under 9’s which was Western Strikers and played with the boys. I then moved to Croydon Kings when I was 11 and played U11’s, U12’s and U13’s with the boys there and then had to move to a girls team because that was the rule back then. I moved to Adelaide Olympic in 2011. I played a year there and unfortunately they folded the following year. Then I played in the State system in 2012 then made the move to MUWFC in 2013. Left Metro in 2014 and moved into the NTC (National Training Centre – State Squad) then moved back to Metro in 2015. I also played for Adelaide United in the Westfield W-League in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons.

Q. Tell us about your time with Adelaide United in the Westfield W-League. The 2014/15 season under Jamie Harnwell was one of the years in my footballing career I will never forget. We were the most successful Adelaide United squad that has ever been finishing 5th and only just missing out on a finals spot in the last game. Obviously success plays a major role in a players happiness but it was an amazing environment to play in and the talent that squad had was incredible beginning with local talent right the way through to our international players we had that year.

My time early on with United was tough. I often struggled not being chosen for the game day squad but I only ever got mad at myself. I knew I was good enough so I would always would go the extra mile until I was selected. Those times I did lose my spot, it only put more desire and more hunger in my heart to be better. It taught me the real meaning of mental toughness and how much I really could prove to myself and family how much I really wanted it. Along with this, I think it makes you realise that you can’t take the game you love for granted. Being on the sidelines whether it’s through injury or just not being selected, you simply just cannot take this game for granted. You’ll never know when it’s all over and time to hang up the boots. In my case I hope it’s not for a while yet. I’ve got plenty of unfinished business to make up for.

Q. Do you have any footballing superstitions, pre game or number or anything? Pre Final or important Game superstition is listen to Eminem – Lose Yourself before warm up, it always gets me pumped or even a motivational video like this one. It always gets me pretty keen for game day. Other than that on a normal game day I like to go for a walk down at the beach as living close to the water has its perks.

Q. Who has the most annoying habit at the club? Probably the most recent habit Dora (Dora Rinaldi, MUWFC President) is making with missing majority of our goals this year. It’s a good habit to keep if we keep winning but unsure how she would feel about it. At least on the rare occasion when Dora does actually see a goal from us you can hear her from Melbourne (Love ya work Dora)

Q. What club do you support and why? Liverpool. My brother supported them but also have family that lived over there so have just grown to love the club/team.

Q. Who is your favourite football player in the world and why? Steven Gerrard. A fantastic all round player and extremely humble guy on and off the field.

Q. What is your greatest on-field moment? Scoring the winner in the Cup Final in 2013 and again in 2015.

Q. Who has been the biggest influence on your career? Probably my Mum. Just growing up and representing different teams at various levels she always just had this belief in me. Even if she didn’t show it, I would always just know she would secretly be cheering for me.

Q. Who do you love to beat? Adelaide City for sure. Classic rivals and always a tough battle between them but 100% worth the fight to get the win at the end of it.

Q. Who has been your toughest opponent? Playing against Lisa De Vanna back when she played for Melbourne Victory and I was playing for Adelaide United. She just has so much skill, strength and experience. Only way to beat her was to foul her at times, and even then she would still get past me.


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