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About Club

Metro United Women’s Football Club was established in January 2006.

The Founding Members saw the need and opportunity to form a club that was 100% focused and dedicated to women’s football (soccer). Metro United was established with the aim to achieve success on and off the football pitch as well as create a positive community club atmosphere.

Metro United aims to provide its players and members the opportunity to be a part of a club with a unique spirit and culture. 

Metro United WFC has ten teams entered into the Football SA competition for Season 2023. 

•    WNPL 
•    WNPL Reserves 
•    Division 1
•    Division 3
•    U17
•    U15
•    U13 x 2
•    U11


We have highly accredited/qualified coaching staff that are focused on developing players with the appropriate technical skill acquisition and tactical football knowledge within a positive environment. 

We aim to give our players opportunities for growth to enable them to be the best player they can be.

Club Values 
•    Respect & Care
•    Trust
•    Fun for our players, coaches, officials and spectators
•    Professionalism
•    Leadership
•    Team work
•    One Club/ One Family (Family Culture)


Coaching Philosophy
•    High quality coaching
•    Consistent coaching messages (Individually and team)
•    Consistent style of play from juniors to seniors
•    Develop Technical and Tactically Aware Players


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